Wednesday, 11 September 2013


so anyway, the doctor said I wouldn't get as many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger outta there.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

my dating service profile.

if you like conversations peppered with onomatopeia and pictures of adorable cats, I'm your girl.

a list of thingies.

1. C is for Cookie. that's good enough for meeee.

2. I like license plates that say things. like WEW or DUH. the other day I saw one that said UGH.

3. I bought heavenly hash ice cream and HAVE NOT eaten the whole box. (hashtag proud.)

4. I'm having quiet time. quuuiiiiiiieeeettt.

5. clean sheets and blankies. :)

6. ICELAND! two weeks!

7. normally these would all be separate entries on a blog like this, but I'm feeling productive!


my 2 day (normal?) weekend just turned into a 4 day weekend! but what will I do with all my time?!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

this may as well be a Twitter...

I'm not wearing my ring today because I keep taking it off to do dishes and leaving it places. I feel naked.

my best friend Kaleigh said "oh she's just bein' Miley..."

I had a dream where I knocked Miley Cyrus off the VMA stage, but instead of making fun of her and beating her down even more, I took her to an island where she could get away from her batshit crazy dad and celebrity culture and become a normal person again. I feel that's an unequivocal sign of growing up.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

on the woes of social media...

my second post! I have too many people on my Facebook and I'm trying to take them off, except I still remember lots of them (fondly, no less!) perhaps I actually have just met that many people...

I have a blog!

I really like it when animals have people names. not animal-people names like Teddy, but people people names, like a horse named Trevor or Molly, or a cat named Louise, or a dog named Harold. (note to self: name theoretical one-day dog Harold.)

I mentioned this on Facebook today, but I reckon that's the kind of musing that has more place on a private blog than cluttering up peoples' feeds on Facebook. from now on, if you'd like to follow my stupid thoughts and randomness, you can find them here, all compiled in a bouquet of inanity.